The Ketchup Cooking App combines all the ketchup recipes you will ever need! Choose from 57 easy to prepare recipes including meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Browse the recipes one by one, or use the filters to quickly select your favourite foods.

Ready to get started? Then simply set the cooking mode, which displays all the information you need to avoid getting sticky fingerprints all over your lovely iPad screen.

If youre in the mood for some fun reading during cooking, youll find plenty of ketchup and tomato related trivia to keep you occupied here! Uncover the secrets behind these fascinating foods as you explore the whole app, or select them directly via the Main Menu.

The Ketchup Cooking App: for those in the know...


57 refreshingly original ketchup recipes
4 instruction videos
Tips and tricks to help you spice up your recipes
Quality high resolution photographs in landscape and portrait mode
Recipe filter for quick, spicy and vegetarian dishes
Quick access to your favourite recipes via the Main Menu
Cooking mode with an integrated clock; the clocks work independently so you can cook several recipes at once
Email option for grocery shopping
Make notes to keep track of your own twist on a recipe
Write your own name in the famous Heinz ketchup logo and create your own ketchup!

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